This Is How To Have The Best Day At Disneyland

21 January

A trip to Disneyland is something everyone should aim to cross off their list at some point in their lives!!!! Who wouldn’t want to experience the happiest place on earth? Whether you have been to Disneyland multiple times or even if you are a newbie, the experience can be overwhelming. But, don’t fret!!! With a little guidance, you can maximize your experience by being able to see and do as much as possible, while saving a few bucks along the way!

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Once you have purchased your Disneyland SoCal Resident Flex Tickets, you will need to know the inside scoop on tips and hacks to ensure the best day ever!!! We have made a list of ways you can plan ahead, save money, maximize your time, and more!


Planning ahead can make a world of difference on your overall experience. What rides, shows, and eats top your list? Visit the Disneyland website to see what attractions interest you the most. By making a list of what you want to do, you will save a significant amount of time.


It is easy to save money at Disneyland! Did you know that Disneyland allows you to bring in your own food? By bringing in your own water bottle and a couple of snacks, you can save a pretty penny. If you are traveling as a family, this can add up to big savings!!! We still recommend trying some of the park’s delicious food options. After all, it is part of the experience!!! You can also save money on souvenirs. It is no surprise that souvenirs can be quite expensive, but did you know you can get a specially-pressed coin, which features the Disney icons or attractions for less than $1? This provides you with a keepsake from your travels without breaking the bank!


Being efficient with your time is one of the best things you can do to maximize your Disneyland experience. By avoiding long lines, you will be able to cover more ground in less time. Look to see what parades are planned for the day. If you see one you would like to check out, plan to eat lunch while watching. Not only will you be entertained, you will also be killing two birds with one stone and saving time to do the other things on your list. You can also make use of the FASTPASS service. A FASTPASS will save your place in line for your favorite attractions while you enjoy the rest of the park. You can locate pass machines throughout the park. Be sure to look up the rides to see which ones accept fast passes and which ones do not. Hit up the rides that do not accept passes first thing in the morning, when they are less busy. Want to ride solo? Most rides also have a single-rider line. If your group does not mind riding separately, you could save significant time by riding solo.

Want to see a show? Certain shows have two viewings, so if you do not mind staying out later, consider watching the second show. It is often less busy. This also means that while others are viewing the first show, ride lines will be shorter. You can also try the following tips to help save time: use apps that can help predict ride wait times, make reservations to dine so you do not have to wait, and wait until the park closes to shop for souvenirs since shops stay open an hour after the park closes.


Chances are you will be spending the bulk of the day at the park, which means you will be logging serious miles. To ensure comfort, be sure to wear appropriate shoes. You may also want to carry a backpack around to stow all your essentials. If you become too tired from walking, you can always ride the train to give your legs a break. The ride is about 20 minutes, giving you enough time to recharge those batteries. Also, if you find yourself walking around the park with too many shopping bags, you can get them held at “will call” for the day. Better yet, if you are staying the night at a Disney hotel, you can have the bags sent to your room.

There you have it!!! Try applying these tips and hacks to your next Disneyland outing and see what difference it makes. Chances are, you will love it so much that you will already be planning your next visit.