This is How to Have a Grand Slam Time at Dodger Stadium

14 April

Baseball is back, and it is time to step up to the plate and grab your tickets to the best games of the season!!!! The Dodgers are looking to repeat as National League West champions, and you can experience the action "live" without putting a huge dent in your wallet. Lucky for you, ACEBSA has exclusive seats and price options that are only available to ACEBSA Members!!! Here’s how you can have a grand slam time when heading to Dodger Stadium to check out the boys in blue.


First and foremost, you cannot go to the ballpark and pass up mouthwatering ballpark food!!! All games purchased through ACEBSA have seats available in the "All You Can Eat Pavilion" in right field, so you can eat like a champ while watching Yasiel Puig take down the visiting team and propel the Dodgers to another championship title. With this ticket option, ACEBSA Members can enjoy endless amounts of delicious Dodger Dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, Coke products, and water. Don’t worry; you will work it all off cheering on your favorite Major League Baseball team!


Los Angeles is a city known for driving, which can often mean an overwhelming amount of traffic and crammed parking lots. It is never a bad idea to leave the car at home and take the Dodger Stadium Express from Union Station to the game!!! It is "free" for all ticket holders! Not only will the shuttle drop you closer to the ballpark--than driving would get you, but it helps you to relax and enjoy the Dodger experience.



Represent your team and LA by sporting some sweet Dodger gear at each game! We recommend purchasing Dodger apparel ahead of time to avoid steep stadium prices. Buy your custom Kershaw jersey in advance to show your team spirit, and save up to 50%--compared to stadium prices.


Why not feel like a big shot with one of the most unique experiences at Dodger Stadium: Executive Club Level seats!!!! For the Cardinals game on May 15, ACEBSA has tickets available that will put you right in front of the action--with increased comfort and in-seat service, so you will not have to miss a grand slam moment and can avoid waiting in long lines! These seats will not disappoint.


Just like a free pass is a great way to start an inning, "free" stuff is a great way to start your day at the ballpark!!! And, best of all, there is a “giveaway” promotion before each one of the games available through ACEBSA. Giveaways include replica jerseys of Jackie Robinson, kids' batting gloves, boxer shorts for Father's Day, tote bags, Magic Johnson's gnomes, and a special "Fan Appreciation Giveaway" at the last home game of the season. Check the schedule here for the dates of each promotion.



Sure, you might be a grown-up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a glove to the park! Grabbing a foul ball or a home run on the fly is much cooler than catching it with your face or your beer. Besides, you may be able to impress a special someone by giving the ball to a kid nearby.


Get fired up with fireworks!!! Baseball and fireworks go together, just like bats and gloves. Every Friday night, including the April 15 game against the rival Giants, there will be free fireworks after the game. Bring the kids and give them a late-night spectacle--without having to worry about school the next day. So cool……!!

ACEBSA has tickets available to six Dodger games this season!!!!! Isn’t that exciting!!! Purchase your tickets TODAY, by logging into our e-store at:, or visiting any one of our stores in the L.A. Mall at: ACEBSA, 201 N. Los Angeles Street, Suites 15 and 17, Los Angeles, California 90012, or please call us at: 213/485-2485 for more information. Our Store Hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. We look forward to serving you, and let’s enjoy the “boys in blue” this baseball season! Go Dodgers!!!