New Attractions at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

28 June

Animals are fascinating creatures and help educate us about wildlife, which explains why we love going to the zoo and have loved it for hundreds of years. The Los Angeles Zoo is no exception to having a long history of its own. The zoo opened its doors in the fall of 1966, being the fourth zoo to open in Los Angeles. Since then, the zoo has acquired many noteworthy animals, such as a rare Arabian oryx, the world’s first ever gorilla baby born via Cesarean section, koalas from the Melbourne Zoo, and even pandas for a temporary stay during the Summer Olympics!

With over 1,400 animals and 270 different types of species, the Los Angeles Zoo has been a staple in the City of Los Angeles with a variety of exciting attractions and events that happen throughout each and every year. As an employee of the City of Los Angeles, ACEBSA members can purchase discounted tickets through our store and score adult tickets for $3 off! Read more to learn some of the fun attractions the Los Angeles Zoo has to offer right now.

Giraffe Feedings

Experience the joy of feeding giraffes -- and even a baby giraffe if you’re lucky! Every day, the LA Zoo offers two periods for visitors to feed giraffes: 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm. It is an additional $5 (cash only) to participate so be sure to bring cash and come during the designated times so you don’t miss out!

World of Birds Show

A visitor favorite for almost 40 years! Every day (except Tuesdays) at 12pm and 2:30pm, visitors can come to learn all the wonderful things about over 20 different types of birds, highlighting their abilities and behaviors.

Elephant Care and Demonstration

Who doesn’t love elephants?! During your visit to the Los Angeles Zoo, come see how our elephant experts care for our resident elephants to ensure they are happy and thriving in the zoos’ environment. You can catch the demonstrations every day (except Tuesdays) at 11am.

Purchase your tickets here on our website, and learn about what other activities and shows are offered at the Los Angeles Zoo here!