Keep Cool At These Summer Attractions

19 July

With the temperatures reaching the 80’s and 90’s in Los Angeles, many people are looking for fun things to do with their family and friends while still helping them beat the heat. Some people will probably resort to going to one of the local beaches or having a pool party if they have one, or someone they know has one. If you’re looking to switch it up a bit and want to go out and about (while still keeping cool), why not check out one of the many attractions Los Angeles has to offer? There are a ton of different theme parks and attractions across Southern California for you to check out. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg because ACEBSA offers DISCOUNTED TICKETS with all of them! Read on to learn about each park and the unique attractions they have to offer exclusively this summer.

SeaWorld San Diego

Discount sea world tickets

This summer SeaWorld has introduced a bunch of new attractions! Ocean Explorer is a new land SeaWorld has which combines multiple aquariums, exciting rides and digital technologies to engage visitors to explore the wonders of our oceans. Some of the rides include Tentacle Twirl, an elevated wave swing and Submarine Quest, a mini-submarine ride that will let riders explore the underwater life. On select nights through September 4th, SeaWorld is also offering an evening experience called Electric Ocean, where bioluminescent lights will shine through the aquarium and music will fill the park. Get your SeaWorld tickets HERE


LEGOLAND’s water park opened a new attraction this summer called Surfers’ Cove which contains a new water race for you and your friends to enjoy with some friendly competition. Their water park also offers a Build-A-Raft River where you can design your own LEGO raft and float down, a Splash Safari where DUPLO characters are ready to splash and play, Cragger’s Swamp where you can slide through the mouth of a crocodile and so much more! Get your LEGOLAND tickets HERE

Knott's Soak City

Knott’s now has SEVEN new water slides added to their water park at Shore Break towers! These slides are great for the thrill-seekers featuring a ton of high-speed falls, loops, curves and more! Guests can also enjoy the rest of the classic water attractions like the Beach House, which has water guns, nozzles and faucets, Beach House Slides, Tidal Wave Bay, and more. Get your Knott's Soak City tickets HERE

Catalina Island

If you’re not big on water parks and would rather spend the day relaxing out on the ocean, Catalina Express is the way to go! The boat service that takes you out to Catalina Island is always offering different events throughout the year. On Saturday, August 8th, guests will be able to tour the famous Tuna Club of Avalon to experience the rich history of the world’s oldest fishing club. There will be trophies, artifacts and photos on display, documenting the history of big-game fishing. Get your Catalina Express tickets HERE