How to Have an Awesome Tailgate Party

03 October

Summer is over and it is now officially fall, which means two things: the kids are back in school and football season is in full swing! When it comes to football, tailgating is a popular festivity among groups, giving them a chance to gather around, fire up the grill, throw back a few cold ones, and smack talk about other teams before the big game. This season, ACEBSA is offering discounted tickets to three USC football games so be sure to snag yours quickly so you can start prepping your festivities! Whether you’re planning to host a tailgate party with your family or friends, you want to make sure you’re prepared to make it a fun and memorable one! Here are some ways to prepare for your upcoming tailgate event…

Come Equipped


It’s hard to relax and have fun if you don’t have the proper supplies. Portable grills, kitchenware, utensils, plates, cups, foldable chairs and tables, trash bags, and an E-Z up for shade are some of the items you’ll want to make sure you bring along!


Early Bird Gets the Worm


If you’re tailgating on a campus or in a parking lot, you’ll want to make sure you scope out the area so you can plan where your group will make camp on game day. Finding a spot with shade, not too far from the stadium, or a bathroom close by are a few aspects you may want to keep in mind when looking.

Chug, chug, chug!


It’s not a proper tailgate party unless there are plentiful refreshments. Aside from water, soda, and juice for the underage or non-drinkers, be sure to provide lots and lots of beer (and ice!) To make things more festive and fun, create a signature cocktail for your friends! Here are a few that will quench your thirst: Poinsettia Cocktail, Watermelon Mai Tai, Sweet Tea Cocktail.

Chow Down


With all the beer and cocktails you’ll be drinking, some good food is essential! If you want to steer away from the typical burgers and hot dogs, try a potluck-style and encourage everyone to bring a homemade dish. If you’d rather try out some new recipes or need some inspiration, a pot of turkey chili, artichoke and bacon dip, or Italian stuffed jalapenos are a few that we found that look too good to pass up!

Keep 'em Entertained


Go above and beyond and have a couple games at your tailgate party! Cornhole is popular game for tailgates and Amazon has a variety of different ones for you to purchase. If you’re a handy man (or woman), you can also buy some wood and build your own Cornhole set! Having a giant Jenga would be another fun game option that will be guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention!

And our most important tip for tailgating is to HAVE FUN!!! Kick back, relax, and enjoy rooting for your favorite team all in good company. If you plan on purchasing one of the USC games we’re offering, feel free to check out their tailgating policy to be extra prepared.