How Our Universal Studios Tickets Work

23 February

As an ACEBSA member you have a variety of discounted items you can enjoy from theme park discount tickets to game tickets. Universal Studios is one of the many theme parks we offer discounted tickets for. Typically, when it comes to our theme park tickets, ACEBSA members are able to purchase them online or in store and redeem it whenever they choose to do so. However, Universal Studios works a little bit differently when it comes to using their tickets, so to make everything clear we thought we’d cover this in a blog post.

Available In-Store Only

Unlike most of our theme park tickets, Universal Studios tickets can only be purchased in store. Our address is: 201 N Los Angeles St, Suites 15 & 17, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Plan Ahead

When purchasing tickets to Universal Studios, you are required to commit to a day to attend the park. This is because Universal Studio’s ticket prices fluctuate often so a general ticket won’t work at the park entrance.

Primary Card Holder Must Be Present

For security and verification purposes, Universal Studios requires there be a designated card holder present. They will be required to present their ID card at the park entrance.

For any additional questions or concerns regarding our discounted Universal Studios tickets, feel free to stop by the ACEBSA store or give us a call at (213) 485-2485.