Holiday Recipes to Try

23 December

The holidays are here, which means your inbox is probably full of invites to holiday parties. If you’re scratching your head for some easy (but delicious) holiday recipes, check out our list of dishes that will make any party you host the highlight of this season.

Cranberry Bites

Cranberry Bites Courtesy of Delish

The perfect appetizer for the holidays, these little guys will be gone as soon as you serve them. And don’t be alarmed if they ask for more! All you essentially need are brie, cranberries, and crescent dough to create 2 dozen of these cheesy bites for all your holiday guests.

Have 20 minutes to spare? Get started on this recipe right now by heading to page 10 of our December El Pueblo!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Angel Food Cake

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Angel Food Cake Courtesy of EatingWell

Topped with strawberries and shaved chocolate, this chocolate angel food cake is bound to be an unforgettable crowd-pleaser with your holiday party guests! Taking just a little over an hour, this recipe is bit more complex, but will definitely be worth the extra effort. Here’s a quick tip to make sure your chocolate angel food cake is the best it can be: don’t use a sugar substitute with your recipe!

Learn how you can create this chocolatey goodness with our full recipe on page 10 of our December El Pueblo.

Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

Vegan Scalloped Potatoes Courtesy of EatingWell

Looking for a delicious vegan option that your vegan guests can indulge in? Cook up our vegan scalloped potatoes! These scalloped potatoes do not use any dairy—milk, butter or cheese—but still have that creamy and rich texture, making it vegan comfort food at its best.

Create this dish in 1 hour with our recipe on page 10 of the December El Pueblo!

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