Things to Do This Memorial Day for ACEBSA Members

25 May

Memorial Day weekend is just a couple of days away!!! If you don’t have plans and are looking for something to do, why not take advantage of ACEBSA’s discounted tickets?! Here are a few ideas to make your Memorial Day weekend enjoyable:

LEGOLAND California

If you haven’t been to LEGOLAND California, it is definitely a must see! Over 57 million LEGO bricks were used in the creation of the 128-acre park. LEGOLAND California has more than 50 rides, shows and attractions including 3 rollercoasters. When you visit, make sure you check out the brand new LEGO Ninjago World! Ninjago has the first 4D fully immersive ride in U.S. You have the opportunity to train as a warrior under the watchful eye of Master Wu. Heat, smoke and wind will follow you through your journey along lava streams and skeleton-filled caves. You will use your own hands to hurl spheres of lighting to vanquish a legion of your enemies, from snake tribes, ghost and skeletons to the menacing Great Devourer. Want to test out your speed, endurance, and reflexes? Ninjago also has challenges such as “Cole’s Rock Climb” and “Jay’s Lighting Drill,” where you can compete against your friends. If that doesn’t sound like your type of adventure, Ninjago also has a rock-climbing wall and a monastery created from 850,000 Lego bricks, where guest are invited to add their own creations to it. You can purchase 1-Day get Second Visit Free tickets for as low as $74.00 for adults and $68.00 for children through ACEBSA!

Golf N' Stuff

With multiple miniature golf courses to go-karts, bumper boats, and so much more the fun never ends at Golf N’ Stuff! Compete against your family and friends to see who is the best miniature golfer, or battle it out on the bumper boats! ACEBSA offers 3-hour unlimited use of all rides and golf! Enjoy a fun-filled day of golfing, laser tagging, and many more attractions for just $21.00!!!

Sea World

Spread across 190 acres on beautiful Mission Bay Park, SeaWorld is known for spectacular animal shows, interactive attractions, aquariums, rides, beautiful landscaping and education programs for all ages. Make friends with the resident bat rays and sea lions by hand feeding them at Pacific Point and Manta, or go chill with the penguins in the 25-degree, snow-filled Penguin Encounter with over 350 penguins from all around the Antarctic. If you are looking for a little adventure, visit Shipwreck Rapids and travel through raging rapids, roaring waterfalls, and visit sunbathing sea turtles. Sea World has it all! Spend the day or make it an overnight getaway. You can purchase tickets for $78.00 for children and $86.00 per adult through ACEBSA!

Knott’s Berry Farm

Did you know that one of the most famous ghost towns is just a short drive away to Buena Park? While Knott’s Berry Farm Ghost Town did not actually see any real 19th century mining, it has still provided people from all over the world with a taste of the Old West. Opening this May is the new interactive experience “Ghost Town Alive!” As a guest, you will play a key role in new stories and adventures in the old west town of Calico. From pledging one’s allegiance to notorious bandits, to saving the day alongside courageous cowboys, you play an active role in shaping the events of the day. Get your tickets now, $35.00 for a child’s ticket and $40.00 for an adult’s ticket through ACEBSA!

Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo is home to more than 1,100 mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles representing more than 250 different species of which 29 are endangered. You can soar on over to the Rainforest of the Americas and explore the treetops all the way down to the rivers. Or you can crawl on over to the LAIR and visit the amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles. The elephants have a nice bathing pool have a nice bathing pool if that is more your speed. Enjoy the day will all your furry friends, tickets are $11.00 per child and $17.00 per adult!