6 Benefits for DWP and L.A. City Employees

29 June

ACEBSA's mission has always been to provide the best services, benefits and high quality products for an array employees including DWP, LAPD, LACERS and other City of Los Angeles departments. With so many people putting in the hard work in their respective departments, it only makes sense to continue providing great perks and informative resources to those who help make our city so wonderful.

If you're a prospective member, or have a fellow colleague who you think would be interested in joining the ACEBSA family, here are 7 different benefits you may not know you could get signing up as an ACEBSA member.

1) Monthly El Pueblo Newspaper - Delivered to You!

Every month, ACEBSA produces a newspaper with the purpose of sharing interesting articles and updates relative to Los Angeles City employees. Some of the content includes a travel piece, a News Flash series, tasty recipes to try, and more. Additionally, winners are announced for a variety of categories, such as shopping online, or simply liking our Facebook page!

2) Free Notary Services

That's right! As an ACEBSA member, one of the perks is we offer complimentary notary services for your convenience. An important note is that this service is by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so be sure to schedule your appointment ahead of time! The easiest way to book an appointment is by giving us a call, or stopping by suites 15 and 17 for in-person assistance.

3) Free Priority Shipping for Online Purchases

If you live far from Downtown LA, or simply can't make it into the ACEBSA office, we offer free shipping for all online orders ACEBSA members place! Standard shipping for ACEBSA is USPS Priority Mail, which arrives within 2-3 business days after shipping.

4) Insurance Referrals & Retirement Planning

Insurance is an important thing to have, but it can also be a daunting task. Luckily, ACEBSA is here to help! We provide insurance referrals as well as retirement planning services - all free of charge! We have our point person of contact for different insurance providers to fit all of our members' needs, including Aflac, Colonial Life and Washington National.

5) Tom Bradley Scholarship

Whether you're continuing your own education, or have someone in your family who is, ACEBSA is proud to offer the Tom Bradley Scholarship! This scholarship will help provide financial support to the qualified applicant(s) to better assist in his/her educational career. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on the deadline for the next Tom Bradley Scholarship.

6) Validated Parking at ACEBSA

When we think of driving in Los Angeles, a couple of things come to mind: traffic and parking. Especially in Downtown LA, these two things can be a real headache. Here at ACEBSA, we understand that, and because we are committed to giving our members the best experience possible, we validated parking whenever you stop by the office!