5 Ways to Win Free Stuff from ACEBSA

18 August

Here at ACEBSA, we’re all about catering to our Los Angeles City employees—whether it’s with discounted deals for movies and theme parks, financial assistance programs, or offering free services such as notary and retirement planning. With that, we’re always trying to find new ways to reward our members and show our appreciation for their hard work, and one of those ways is by giving members opportunities to win prizes. Interested? Here are five different ways ACEBSA members can participate to win free movie tickets and other awesome prizes.

Take the El Pueblo Quiz

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.58.19 PM

The El Pueblo Quiz is on the front cover of every month’s El Pueblo newspaper. There are two questions ACEBSA Members are given and can submit his/her answers to ElPueblo@ACEBSA.org by the 5th of the following month.

Take the El Pueblo Pop Quiz


ACEBSA Members can take the El Pueblo Pop Quiz on page 13 of each El Pueblo newspaper. Members have to answer ten questions based off the previous month’s El Pueblo. Answers need to be submitted by the 5th of the following month and ACEBSA chooses three winners at random.

Submit Your Email Address


One of the easier ways to win free stuff from ACEBSA! All members have to do is update his/her email address simply by emailing us at UpdateInfo@ACEBSA.org. That’s it!

"Like" us on Facebook


Another easy way to win prizes from ACEBSA is simply by “liking” our Facebook page. Whenever an ACEBSA member “likes” our Facebook page, we automatically enter their name in a random drawing for a chance to win cool prizes!

Online Purchases

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Each month we randomly select a few winners who have made a purchase through our online store, www.ACEBSA.org. Who knew that shopping online with us would give you a chance to win free stuff, too?!

The great thing about all these giveaways is that we hold them every month! That way, even if you don’t win anything this month, you still have the next month to try your luck again. Winners are always announced in the El Pueblo newspaper so be sure to sign up for your ACEBSA membership so you can receive a copy! For any questions regarding our giveaways, be sure to reach out to us at ElPueblo@ACEBSA.org!