5 Recipes to Try This Year

26 January

It’s time to start taking eating healthy seriously this New Year! Eating healthy is not the easiest thing to do, as some of our favorite foods are not the greatest for our bodies. Many people associate eating healthy with substituting pizzas, fries and cheeseburgers for salads, salads and more salads. However, this is not the case! Eating healthy can include a variety of foods and can also be extremely tasty at the same time! Healthy eating includes consuming the right amount of whole grains, fruit and vegetables, protein, diary, and fats & sugar while decreasing the amount of processed meats, sugary drinks and fried foods. Below, we have compiled 5 great tasting healthy recipes for you to try out.

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries

ACEBSA/El Pueblo/Baked Zucchini Fries

This dish is a great, healthier alternative to French fries. They are baked instead of fried but still give you the same crunchy texture! Next time you’re craving a tasty snack, whip these up!

Recipe: http://stephaniesain.com/baked-parmesan-zucchini-fries/

Low-Carb Chicken Stuffed Peppers


Consider cutting down on carbs with this delicious dish! Replacing grains with peppers makes for a great healthy alternative!

Recipe: https://coachsofiafitness.com/low-carb-chicken-stuffed-peppers/

Chili Lime Salmon

Looking for something easy to make and filled with delicious flavors? Look no further than this salmon recipe that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Recipe: http://cafedelites.com/2016/05/16/sheet-pan-chili-lime-salmon/

Skinny Burrito Bowl


Who doesn’t like a good burrito? Now, take away the tortilla and make some minor changes like white to brown rice and you have yourself a skinny burrito bowl!

Recipe: http://skinnyms.com/skinny-burrito-bowls-recipe

{Healthier} Chicken Alfredo


The Chicken Alfredo is a classic and delicious meal. Only one problem, it’s not the healthiest.  This recipe solves that issue by lightening up the sauce and replacing the cream altogether!

Recipe: http://www.lifeasastrawberry.com/30-minute-chicken-spinach-alfredo/

With recipes like these, eating healthy has never been easier and there are no more excuses to not eat healthy! When you follow healthy habits, the benefits show almost immediately. Weight can be controlled, mood is improved, energy is boosted, risks of diseases are lowered and longevity is improved. Breaking bad eating habits can be tough, but we hope recipes like these ones can help you improve your lifestyle this year! Be sure to find more recipe ideas in this month's El Pueblo issue!