5 Foods You Must Try at a Clippers Game

24 February

Home to the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers, the Staples Center is the central entertainment hub in Downtown LA. As such, there are many restaurants and bars surrounding the Staples Center. But what most people don’t know is that the stadium is actually home to many good eats! From fried chicken sandwiches to mac-n-cheese hot dogs, here’s a list of delicious eats to try out the next time you go to a Clippers game.

Ludo Bird’s Fried Chicken Sandwich

Clippers Game Staples Center Ludo's Bird

Located in the main concourse near section 199, the top eat at the Staples Center goes to the fried chicken sandwich from Ludo Bird, owned by the world-renowned chef Ludo Lefebvre. If you have enjoyed chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes, then this sandwich is a must when attending a Clippers game. A tip is to throw in some extra sauces to add more flavor to your sandwich.

Dave’s Doghouse’s Mac-n-Cheese Hot Dog

Clippers Game Staples Center Dave's Doghouse

The mac-n-cheese hot dog from Dave’s Doghouse is definitely one of a kind and, therefore, an essential at a Clippers game. Dave’s Doghouse is located in sections 102 and 112 of the Staples Center and provides a wide selection of hot dogs. But the only one you need to try is the mac-n-cheese hot dog, which comes sprinkled with bacon bits for extra flavor. Pair it with a craft beer to create the ultimate meal for your Clippers game.

BS Taqueria’s Tacos

Clippers Game Staples Center BS Taqueria

BS Taqueria, located next to section 117 in the main concourse, is home to the two best tacos you can enjoy while watching the Clippers game. Their carne asada taco features massive chunks of steak and cherry tomatoes, topped with your choice of salsa, guacamole, or pico de gallo. On the other hand, their carnitas taco is a little lighter with perfectly cooked pork and your choice of toppings. A quick tip: enjoy the best of both worlds and order both of them!

Smokehouse BBQ’s Pulled Pork Sandwich

Clippers Game Staples Center Smokehouse BBQ

Near section 325 of the main concourse, you’ll find Smokehouse BBQ, home to many “must-try” sandwiches. However, their pulled pork sandwich, topped with cheddar and horseradish slaw, is definitely a staple you must try at a Clippers game. Made with their signature pulled pork, this juicy pork sandwich will fill you up, to ensure you don’t miss out on experiencing any iconic moments.

Smokehouse BBQ’s Brisket Sandwich

Clippers Game Staples Center Smokehouse BBQ

Another “must-try” sandwich to order at Smokehouse BBQ, the BBQ brisket sandwich is a massive dish, perfect for those who hit the bar a little too hard for the Clippers game. Their signature juicy BBQ brisket, sandwiched between some slaw and dense buns, is the main star of the show. This sandwich, along with the pulled pork sandwich, is sure to create a satisfying Clippers game experience.

The next time you attend a Clippers game, or even a Lakers game, try out any of these five dishes! ACEBSA offers members discounts to several Clippers games so you can watch your favorite players in action while enjoying your delicious meal.