4 Reasons to Attend an NBA Game

15 November

We’re already halfway through November which means it’s time to get into full holiday mode! Although the holidays usually mean staying in and spending time with your family, going out to events, like basketball games, are a great way to celebrate the holiday season with your family and friends. With a bunch of back-to-back Clippers and Lakers games this upcoming week, this would be a great time to take advantage of your ACEBSA membership and score some discounted tickets to catch one of these games!

Here are 4 reasons you and your family should attend an NBA game this holiday season:

Great Opportunity if You've Never Been to a Game

With ACEBSA offering a variety of game tickets at a discounted price, this would be the perfect opportunity to finally take the kids to that game they’ve been wanting to go to! Rally up the troops and plan a fun family outing to Staples Center.

Start a New Family Tradition

While keeping old traditions alive is important that doesn’t mean your family can’t start new traditions! Attending an NBA game and watching your favorite players live can be a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Making plans to attend one during the holidays will give your family another special event to look forward to every year!

Great Date Night Idea

Going to games is always a great date idea for couples! Regardless if one of them or both enjoy basketball, it’s a great way to bond over the sport and be able to witness the game live. Plus, they have the Kiss Cam which is always fun to see if you’ll be on it ;)

Score Some Swag

Who doesn’t like free stuff? A lot of the NBA games end up giving out small, free items to the fans upon entrance. Here are a couple items that happen to be given out during the upcoming games:

November 19: All fans get an LED Wristband courtesy of Aqua Caliente!

November 21: Native American Heritage Night – All fans get a Clippers Tribal Hat!

Be sure to purchase your tickets through ACEBSA to take advantage of the discounts! You can purchase your tickets on our website or in our stores at the address below:

201 N Los Angeles St

Suites 15 or 17

Los Angeles, CA 90012