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    The All City Employees Benefits Service Association (ACEBSA) is a nonprofit organization that is composed of a 5-member Board of Directors. ACEBSA has continued to provide an array of services and benefits to Los Angeles City employees for over 90 years! Founded in 1923, ACEBSA was originally known as the “All City Employees Association.” Its focus, in the early years, was to keep City employees informed and motivated to perform their job duties. As the foremost City employee association, it worked on behalf of City employees by lobbying for retirement funds and salary increases.

    One of its core purposes was the publishing of its famous “El Pueblo City Employee Newspaper,” that was first published in 1927. However, in 1940, ACEBSA changed the name of its Newspaper to the “El Pueblo.” The El Pueblo offered City employees an avenue to stay in touch with employees in other City departments and it, sometimes, provided “gossipy” news columns. It also served a political purpose by offering analysis of bond measures and other electoral initiatives. Many of the articles that were written by the editors focused on the need for City employees to be committed, loyal and dedicated to their job responsibilities.

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    Our History

    In 1977, the All City Employees Association split into two entities, and the All City Employees Benefits Service Association (ACEBSA) received the majority of the assets, including the El Pueblo Newspaper. Today, ACEBSA continues to thrive, and it currently provides the following services as a benefit to all of its members, both active and retired.

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    The following is a list of the services and benefits afforded to all members of ACEBSA:

    • The All City Employees (ACE) Financial Assistance Program
    • The Tom Bradley Scholarship Program
    • Discounts on Tickets to Movie Theaters, Theme Parks, Athletic Events (NBA/MLB), Entertainment Venues, Merchandise Purchases
    • Free Movie Tickets & City Merchandise as Raffle Gifts for City-department sponsored events
    • Individually-mailed, monthly delivery of the El Pueblo Newspaper
    • Free Insurance Referral, Travel and Retirement Planning Services
    • Free Full-Page Retirement News in the El Pueblo
    • Free Notary Services (By Appointment)
    • Free Classified Ads in the El Pueblo
    • Members’ Appreciation Day (Free Giveaways, Food, Popcorn, Snacks & Gift Card Raffles)
    • Free “Paid” Parking with each visit to ACEBSA
    • Free Shipping for Ticket and Merchandise Purchases
    • Free Information on Wills and Financial Planning
    • Free Information on Legal Resources - A Lawyer’s Perspective

    We are deeply committed to serving all of our members in a courteous, respectful and professional manner, and our ultimate goal is to provide you with “Excellent Customer Service and Value, Always!” If you’re not currently a member of ACEBSA, it would be our pleasure to serve you. Please join us today and truly experience what it means to be a valued member of the ACEBSA Family! Welcome aboard, and we promise that you will not be disappointed.


    Mission: “The overall mission of the ACEBSA is to be the best provider of an array of benefits, services and high-quality products that help to improve the quality of life of all members, and provide members with “Excellent Value and Customer Service, Always.”

    Vision: “To diligently strive to meet or exceed our members’ expectations of value, price and selection, and develop new services and benefits to offer that help to create an ongoing, successful partnership with the members that we serve.”

    ACEBSA Board of Directors, Management & the entire ACEBSA Team

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